Toyota Yaris


The smart Toyota Yaris equipped with Toyota Optimal Drive is a versatile combination. The Toyota Yaris is ready for city life. It's compact and maneuverable, stylish and ultra efficient: it stands out with its minimal exhaust emissions and advanced technology such as Stop&Start system. It stands up to its bigger rivals. Toyota Optimal Drive means more fuel economy, yet nippy and fun ride. Furthermore, it has class-leading interior space. In fact it has everything you can expect from Toyota.

The Toyota Yaris HSD is the cheapest car with hybrid technology. CO2 exhaust emissions are as low as 79 g/km, high fuel efficiency, low ownership costs, extremely smooth and quiet ride prove Toyota's ability to provide sustainable mobility solutions. Moreover, the Yaris HSD is the most affordable full hybrid technology car in the European market.

On sale in dealerships (2)

Number of modifications (4)
1.0 (69 HP) 4,3l/100km   Hatchback Manual Front wheel drive (FWD) 13 900 € Standard More
1.5 (112 HP) 5,0l/100km   Hatchback Automatic Front wheel drive (FWD) 18 800 € Active More
1.5 (112 HP) 5,0l/100km   Hatchback Automatic Front wheel drive (FWD) 20 400 € Active Plus More
1.5 (136 HP) 3,3l/100km   Hatchback Automatic Front wheel drive (FWD) 21 400 € Style More
Modification prices were last updated 2020-09-28
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