Dacia Logan

The new Dacia Logan- the true family car. The Dacia Logan has five normal seats. As before it doesn‘t stop surprising You how specious it is.  Thanks to huge cabin traveling in this new Dacia Logan will be comfortable no matter where. Passengers for back seat will feel relaxed and comfortable, because the beam to the knees is 177cm, and the trunk is one of the most spacious in his class. The capacity is 510 liters.
Number of modifications (3)
1.0 (100 HP) 5,5l/100km   Sedan Manual Front wheel drive (FWD) 9 573 € Ambiance More
1.0 (100 HP) 5,5l/100km   Sedan Manual Front wheel drive (FWD) 10 736 € Laureate More
1.5 (90 HP) 3,8l/100km   Sedan Manual Front wheel drive (FWD) 12 838 € Laureate More
Modification prices were last updated 2020-10-29
The lowest price is based on the pricelist of the manufacturer or sales representatives that were presented on their websites on the day of the renewal.
UAB "Diginet LTU" is not responsible for price changes and seller's ability to offer a specific modification car.

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