Nissan Almera Tino for parts

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Price is negotiable
Klaipėda, Lithuania
New / used
Date of manufacture
Steering wheel
Left hand drive (LHD)
2200 cm³
Fuel type
Driven wheels
Front wheel drive (FWD)
  • Suma nuo 1 000 iki 25 000 €
  • Nereikia įkeisti automobilio
  • Nereikia pradinio įnašo ir KASKO
Paskolos suma:
72 mėn
1 000 €
25 000 €
  • 12 mėn.
    1 metai
  • 24 mėn.
    2 metai
  • 36 mėn.
    3 metai
  • 48 mėn.
    4 metai
  • 60 mėn.
    5 metai
  • 72 mėn.
    6 metai
  • 84 mėn.
    7 metai
  • 96 mėn.
    8 metai
Body parts
Hood (front, rear) Bumper reinforcement Bumpers Doors Frame rails (fornt, rear) Fenders Windows Roof Mirrors Lights Front grill Sunroof
Interior parts
Trim parts Door upholstery Dashboard Seats Roof upholstery Mats Seat сovers Airbags Seat belts
Chassis parts
Shock absorber Rear beam Gearbox Drive shaft Drive axle Differential Brake discs Hubs Control arm Engine cradle Clutch kit Brake calipers
Trim parts
Decals Rocker panels/door sills Fender flares Spoilers
Engine cooling parts
A/C condenser Radiator Heater Oil radiator Fan clutch Water pump Water radiator Fan
Engine parts
Crankshaft Fuel injection distributor Injection system Exhaust manifold Carburator Pistons Engine block Cylinder head Engine bracket Engine
Electrical system parts
Electrical wiring Generator Computer Instrument panel Starter Lamps
Accessories and consumables
Batteries Lubricants, oils Roof rack Windshield wipers Car chemicals, car cosmetics Filters Body repair products Wheel repair and maintenance products Trailer tow hooks LPG equipment Tuning parts Steering wheel
Additional information
Simauta, UAB
Продажа б/у запчастей для легковых и грузовых автомобилей.
Prekyba naudotomis lengvųjų automobilių dalimis.

Pristatymas visoje Lietuvoje per 1-2 dienas. Siunčiame dalis į Latviją, Estiją, Rusiją.

Доставка по всей Литве в течении 1-2 дней. Доставка запчастей в Латвию, Эстонию, Россию.

Minijos g. 1, Priekulė, Klaipėdos sav.
Mob. tel. + 863075017
Simauta, UAB
Klaipėda, Lithuania
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